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【Victoria Peak Transport Links】

➤ Mass Transportation

For public transportation in Taipingshan, choose Guoguang Passenger Transport Route 1750 between Yilan and Taipingshan, the journey takes about 2.5 hours

  • Recommended boarding points: Yilan Transfer Station, Luodong Transfer Station
  • Departure time: 07:40 Yilan ➜ 08:00 Luodong ➜ 10:30 Taipingshan
  • Return time: 14:30 Taipingshan ➜ 16:10 Jiuzhize ➜ 17:30 Luodong ➜ 17:50 Yilan

Book Guoguang Bus Tickets (Hyperlink)

Pingshan tour charter is comfortable and convenient!

*Cuifeng Lake transportation connection: no public transportation: self-driving or chartered car*

【Taipingshan chartered one-day tour price】

Depart from station/hotel/B&B

▲1-4 passengers

Taipingshan one-day tour 8 hours NT$4000

Taipingshan + Cuifeng Lake 9 hours NT$4500

▲5 passengers

Taipingshan one-day tour 8 hours NT$4300

Taipingshan + Cuifeng Lake 9 hours NT$4800

▲9 seats: 1-8 passengers

Taipingshan one-day tour 8 hours NT$5000

Taipingshan + Cuifeng Lake 9 hours NT$5500

▲Mercedes-Benz 9-seater: 1-8 passengers

Taipingshan one-day tour 8 hours NT$5500

Taipingshan + Cuifeng Lake 9 hours NT$6,000

▲21-seater original minibus

Taipingshan one-day tour 8 hours NT$9,000

The chartered car includes insurance and compulsory insurance.
Use the vehicle according to regulations, safe, comfortable and secure

【Taipingshan Park Entry Time/Tickets】

Ticket pre-purchase (hyperlink)

  • The park closes at 8 p.m., and the entrance ticket station will close the entrance. Therefore, tourists are recommended to complete the ticket purchase before 6 p.m. Visitors who plan to return on the same day, please pay attention to the time and driving traffic safety.
  • The park is closed on New Year's Eve all year round, and accommodation will not be provided on New Year's Eve. The park will be closed at 12 noon on that day.
  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday) and weekdays during winter vacation 06:00~20:00
  • Holidays (Saturday, Sunday), national holidays and summer vacation 04:00~20:00
  • Full ticket: 150 yuan on non-holidays/200 yuan on holidays
  • Half ticket 100 yuan: military and police personnel: those with certificates. Students: with student ID card. Children 7-12 years old. Those who receive pension for work and hold a certificate.
  • Discounted ticket: 10 yuan: Seniors over 65 years old, with national identity card. Children 3-6 years old. Tour guides holding certificates.
  • Hot Spring Starlight Ticket 50 yuan: After 16:00 every afternoon, enter Jiuzhize Hot Spring Area (parking fee and hot spring bathing fee are extra). Not applicable during the Lunar New Year holiday
  • Ticket free: 0 yuan: Residents registered in the recreation area are exempt from purchasing tickets with proof. Public servants have business trip orders and other supporting documents. Volunteers holding "Volunteer Service Honor Card". Persons with easily identifiable physical or mental disabilities or with a disability certificate, and one necessary companion. Children aged 0-2 years old (need to be accompanied by the adult who purchased the ticket).
  • 【Jiuzhize Hot Spring】

    Jiuzhize Hot Spring: Business hours 09:00~19:00

    Jiuzhize, formerly known as Booshui, means geothermal hot spring. The spring source comes from a geothermal spring at a depth of 2,200 meters, with a temperature of about 140 degrees Celsius. The bathing area is adjusted to a suitable temperature of 38-42 degrees Celsius. The spring is clear, colorless and odorless, and feels smooth after washing. It is a weakly alkaline sodium bicarbonate mixed spring that can relax muscles and bones, beautify the skin, and is known as the "Beauty Soup".

    1. Hot spring facilities: Family hot spring houses (including barrier-free hot spring houses), hot spring egg boiling tanks, outdoor hot spring SPA areas, and men's and women's naked baths are open as normal.
    2. Sales Department: Moved to the egg boiling area, selling some products such as eggs, corn and water.
    3. Asahizawa Restaurant/Sales Department: Provides catering services such as mixed dishes, afternoon tea, and sales department (operated by private manufacturer-Jiu Zhize Co., Ltd.

    【Bailing Giant Tree】

    Bailing is located between the center and Taipingshan Villa. It is named because it is often shrouded in clouds and fog in the afternoon and the top of the mountain is completely white. After core drilling tests, the Bailing giant tree is composed of three giant red cypress trees. The oldest one is over 700 years old. The overall tree height is 30 meters, about ten stories high, with a diameter at breast height of 3.4 meters and a chest circumference of 9.4 meters. , it takes six people to embrace each other. Although the tree has been struck by lightning and the tree has become hollow, the surrounding epixylem is still solid and intact. Since the water required for tree growth is transported upward from the roots by the xylem, the nutrients produced by photosynthesis are The phloem in the inner bark of the tree is transported downward, so although the giant tree is hollow, it can still use the epigenetic xylem to maintain vitality and continue to grow. At the same time, Bailing is also the watershed between coniferous and broad-leaved tree species in Taipingshan.

    【Jianqing nostalgic trail】CNN rated the 28 most beautiful trails in the world

    Jianqing, the scenery is as the name suggests: I have been stuck in the white fog for a long time, and I am eager to see the sun. The Jianqing Nostalgic Trail is renovated from part of the "Jianqing Line Material Transport Track" in Taipingshan. The entrance is located in Taipingshan. At 23 kilometers along the dedicated line, the trail is 0.9 kilometers long. On the first clear day, you can see the majestic sacred ridges and the magnificent and poetic sea of ​​clouds. The winding path of Jianqing Trail, railways, wooden horses, trolley axles, and other historical traces make it a nostalgic trail.
    Guanyun Plank Road: Located on the side of the road between Jianqing Nostalgic Trail and Jianqing Parking Lot, it is a newly opened pedestrian and vehicle lane, about 1.3 kilometers long, and the walking time is about 20-25 minutes. Along the way is the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, where it is easiest to appreciate the sea of ​​clouds. Even if there is no sea of ​​clouds, you can still enjoy the beauty of the open mountains.

    【Taipingshan Villa/Bengbeng Station】

    Taipingshan Villa: Yizhou-Zhuan Line 26.5K: Altitude: 2,000 meters

    • Telephone: 03-9809805-8 (4 lines in total)
    • Services and facilities: service station, accommodation, sales department, catering, bouncer, cafe, emergency rescue, nature trails, toilets
    • Business hours: 08:00-20:00

    Victoria Peak Restaurant

    • We provide a gourmet feast of six dishes and one soup for lunch and dinner or customized table meals. Breakfast is a Chinese buffet.
    • Catering price: individual a la carte, 300 yuan per serving.
    • Meal time: breakfast 06:30-08:30, lunch 11:30-13:30, dinner 17:30-19:00
    • Tel: 03-9809806

    The new leaves of the purple-leaf maple in Taipingshan will be purple-red when they unfold, and the leaf color will be more fiery red, so you can enjoy it from the leaf-expanding period in April to the leaf-falling period in September. Red maple scenery.

    Visitors staying at Victoria Peak and Cui Feng Mountain House can pre-purchase the first two trains (7:30 and 8:30) for the next day. They need to purchase at the on-site tram counter. The purchase time is 15 pm :30~17:00.

    【Bumping car】

    Bengbeng Car: The Bengbeng Lane is 3 kilometers long and ends at Maoxing Station, Fern Native Park and Maoxing National Forest Trail.
    Bengbeng Station starts selling tickets at 7:00 every morning, and tickets can be purchased on-site on the same day. Tickets are round-trip tickets and must be purchased on-site. Each person is limited to 20 tickets per purchase. People who are eligible for ticket exemption still need to go to the counter to collect tickets.

    • The track and rolling stock will be closed for maintenance on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month (one day later if it is a national holiday).
    • Please call the dedicated hotline 03-9809812
    • Bengbeng Station Telephone: 03-9809812
    • Service hours: AM07:00-PM17:00

    【Cuifeng Lake Mountain Trail】

    Cuifeng Lake is located between Taiping Mountain and Dayuan Mountain in Yilan County, with an altitude of 1,840 meters. During the rainy season, the lake surface reaches 25 hectares. The lake surface is gourd-shaped. It is the largest alpine lake in Taiwan. It changes morning and night, and has different styles in the four seasons. .

    Cuifeng Lake Mountain Trail: It is located on the hill on the west side of Cuifeng Lake, with a total length of about 3.95 kilometers and an altitude of 1,926 meters. The entrance is located at 15.5 kilometers along Cuifeng Scenic Road, going up the hillside on the west side of Cuifeng Lake. , bypassing the north side of the lake and intersecting with the Pingyuan Natural Trail on the east side of the lake, as if the arms embracing Cuifeng Lake are holding this brilliant sapphire. The trail around the mountain is renovated along the route of the old timber transport track, allowing visitors to appreciate the scenery of Cuifeng Lake at a close distance. It provides a four-season experience of bathing in fresh greenery in spring, washing away rain and mist in summer, admiring red leaves in autumn, and viewing white snow in winter.

    【beech national trail】

    Beech National Trail: Trail length: 3.8 kilometers. Altitude: 1,878 meters. The round trip takes about 3 hours. The trail gradually leaves the mountainside road at 3 kilometers, the ups and downs become larger, and turns into a ridge. The section from 3.2 kilometers to the end of the trail is continuous. On the ridgeline, there is a vast beech forest on the windward slope on the north side of the ridgeline. It is the largest pure beech forest in Taiwan and adorns the mountains and ridges at the source of Beixi River in Nan'ao. In autumn, when you walk on the trail, you will be greeted by resplendent beech leaves swaying in the air and falling to the ground. This gorgeous scene is nature’s most rare and luxurious gift.

    【Wangyangshan Trail】

    Wangyang Mountain Trail: Trail length 1.2 kilometers: Altitude: 1,887~2,063 meters. Wangyang Mountain is the birthplace of Beixi, South Australia, with an altitude of 2,050 meters. The entrance to the trail is next to Cuifeng Mountain House, with a total length of about 1.2 kilometers. , is the best place to watch the sunrise in Cuifeng Lake Scenic Area. Following the trail up Wangyang Mountain, you can see the Lanyang Plain. On a clear day, even Guishan Island in the Pacific Ocean is clearly visible. The whole journey is uphill step by step. In addition to the red junipers and hinoki cypresses along the way, you can also climb up to the top to enjoy the distant views of the Lanyang Plain surrounded by mountains and the sunrise that shakes the tranquil Lanyang Plain. It is a moderately difficult and easy hike that is suitable for all seasons. hiking trails. There will be a fork in the trail at 0.25 kilometers. One side goes down and leads to the Lake Viewing Pavilion; the other goes up and leads to the Sun Viewing Pavilion. After climbing up a flight of stairs, the strange and changeable clouds begin to reward you with joy. Your perseverance, instantaneous, earth-shattering light shook the earth. The layered sea of ​​clouds was like a fairyland. When my mind was floating on the small island in the quiet sea of ​​clouds, Tongshan and Nanhu mountains gradually became fresher. The soft and dense sea of ​​clouds was as close as if I stretched out my hand. Once you reach it, you suddenly realize that the sunrise, valleys, mountains, and sea of ​​clouds can be like an illusion between heaven and earth.

    【Victoria Peak Snow Scenery】

    When winter floods come, there is sufficient moisture. At an altitude of 2,000 meters, Taiping Mountain is like a paradise. The white elves come to the world. Pieces of snowflakes fell to the world. A silvery world.

    【Taipingshan chartered car cost】

    The chartered car fee includes: passenger insurance and compulsory fuel insurance. *The chartered car fee does not include: tickets, and Bengbeng tickets.

    Yilan chartered car price consultation-ss687fleet

    Charter car booking

    1: Join line
    2: Booker: name/phone number/number of people
    3: Departure date: Departure location: Departure time
    4: Deposit: Remittance Notice

    ss687fleet-Remittance information

    • China Trust Bank-Luodong Branch
    • Account name: Lin Boxiong
    • Code: 822
    • Account number: 1645 4021 2359

    Charter car unsubscription

    1: If you cancel the trip 4 days before departure, the deposit will be refunded in full
    2: Provide remittance bank account number
    3: Deposit refund remittance notice
    4: Deposit: Remittance Notice