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【Keelung chartered one-day tour price】

Departing from Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung

▲Toyota 7 seats

1-4 passengers

Departing from Taipei/New Taipei: NT$4000

▲Volkswagen 7 seater

1-5 passengers

Departing from Taipei/New Taipei: NT$4800

▲Fox 9 seats

1-8 passengers

Departing from Taipei/New Taipei: NT$6000

▲Mercedes 9-seater

1-8 passengers + 8 pieces of luggage

Departing from Taipei/New Taipei: NT$6500

▲Luxurious 25-seater minibus

25 passengers + 25 pieces of luggage

Departing from Taipei/New Taipei: NT$8500

Keelung Port Connection: Quotation based on travel distance
The chartered car includes insurance and compulsory insurance.
No overloading: use the vehicle according to regulations, safe, comfortable and secure

【Keelung one-day tour chartered itinerary】

  • Keelung Chartered Itinerary 1: Yehliu → Keelung Heping Island Cape Paradise → Badouzi → Wangyou Valley Trail → Yin Yang Sea → Jiufen Old Street → Keelung Miaokou Night Market
  • Keelung Chartered Itinerary 2: Zhengbin Fishing Port Rainbow House → Chaojing Park → Wangyou Valley Trail → Elephant Trunk Rock, Yin Yang Sea → Nanya Strange Rock
  • Keelung Chartered Itinerary 3: Heping Island Coastal Park → Badouzi Coastal Park → Wangyou Valley → Badouzi Railway Station Shen’ao Railway Bike (Puffer Bike) → Bitoujiao Trail

【Keelung chartered one-day tour】

  • [Elephant Trunk Rock] Elephant Trunk Rock at Shen'ao Cape, a promontory next to Shen'ao Fishing Port in Ruifang District. Elephant Trunk Rock is a sea-eroded natural arch formed by seawater erosion and depression. It looks like an elephant's long trunk penetrating into the sea.
  • [Nanya Strange Rocks] The rocks on the Nanya seaside are all kinds of strange, and they can be said to be the most obvious symbol of the northeast corner, and the weathered patterns that look like paintings are the most beautiful features of Nanya rocks
  • [Bitou Lighthouse Trail] Bitoujiao Trail is about 3.5 kilometers long and takes about 2 to 3 hours to walk. It is an intellectual hiking route
  • [Zhengbin Fishing Port] Keelung’s new highlight, Colorful Venice/Zhengbin Fishing Port, all the ordinary fishing ports are transformed into romantic colorful clothes ~ the colorful colors make you feel like you are in a foreign port

【Jiufen, Shifen chartered one-day tour】

  • Itinerary 1: Jiufen Old Street→Jingping Pavilion→Golden Waterfall→Yinyang Sea→Shifen Waterfall→Shifen Old Street→Keelung Night Market
  • Itinerary 2: Yehliu→Jiufen Old Street→Shifen Waterfall→Shifen Old Street→Keelung Night Market

Jiufen→Prospered in the early days due to gold mines, its unique old-style buildings, slopes and customs have become a tourist attraction

It is the birthplace of sky lanterns. The main feature is that the old streets here are connected to the train tracks, and the unique railway style of "passing in front of the train gate". Shifen Waterfall is a curtain-type waterfall. The rock formations tend to be opposite to the direction of the water flow. It is an inverse slope and has a magnificent momentum. , is very majestic and majestic. The top of the pool is filled with water vapor, and when the sun shines, a rainbow will appear diagonally hanging on the waterfall, so it is also known as the Rainbow Abyss.

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