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【Chartered car in Yilan, Taiwan】

Yilan County is located in the northeastern corner of Taiwan. Under the alluvial accumulation of Lanyang River, the vast Lanyang Plain is formed, surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the east. Guishan Island and whales and dolphins guard this land and the simple Gemalan people. Yilan is a tourist paradise, with farm experience, small animal feeding, DIY, geothermal park cooking, lake light, rice, clean beaches, forest breath on Taiping Mountain, Jiaoxi hot springs, and the leisurely state of mind of Suao cold spring, you can get it everywhere!

【Yilan chartered car one-day tour price】

▲1-4 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour price: NT$3500

Taipei Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$5200

▲7-seater business car: 5 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$4000

Taipei Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$5800

▲9-seater business car: 5-8 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$4800

Taipei Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$6500

▲Mercedes-Benz 9-seater: 5-8 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour cost: NT$5300

Taipei Yilan one-day chartered car tour: NT$7000

▲21-seat original minibus: 20 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour: NT$8000

Taipei Yilan one-day chartered tour: NT$10000

▲25-seat luxury minibus: 25 passengers

Yilan chartered one-day tour cost: NT$9000

Taipei Yilan one-day chartered car tour: NT$11000

Yilan chartered car fee includes: passenger insurance, compulsory insurance
Tolls, parking fees (not including: tickets, invoice taxes)

【Taipingshan chartered car one-day tour】

Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area/Cuifeng Lake Chartered One-Day Tour (Hyperlink)

Taipingshan Villa, Red Leaf Trail, Cuifeng Lake, Bounce Car, Jianqing Nostalgia Trail, Jiuzhize Hot Spring.

The opening hours of the park are 6:00-18:00 on weekdays and 04:00-18:00 on holidays (it is recommended to purchase tickets before 16:00 to enter the park)

Jiuzhize Hot Spring: 08:00-18:00

Intermediate service station: 08:00-17:00

Taipingshan Villa: 08:00-21:00

Cuifeng Mountain House: 08:00-20:00

Bounce car: 07:00-16:30

【Fushan Botanical Garden Chartered car Tours】

Fukuyama Botanical Garden Half-Day Tour (Hyperlink)

Departure from Yilan/Jiaoxi/Luodong, admission procedures, botanical garden tour, return trip

The Fushan Botanical Garden is part of the experimental forest of the Fushan Branch of the Forestry Experimental Institute. The park systematically collects, preserves and cultivates woody plants at medium and low altitudes in Taiwan, with the aim of becoming a museum of plants, providing forestry research, teaching practice, ecological environment education and forest preservation. The base of provenance. The display area of ​​the park is mainly arranged according to the order of Engler's classification, including areas for gymnosperms, cleavage flowers, synovial flowers, rhododendrons, and bamboos. Special plant areas are also set up according to the special uses of plants. ; In addition, there are aquatic and herbaceous plant areas based on ecological characteristics, and natural forests are preserved to display native forest features.

【Exquisite one-day tour-Mingchi Forest Recreation Area】

One-day tour to Mingchi Forest Recreation Area (Hyperlink)

Departing from Yilan/Jiaoxi/Luodong》Mingchi Forest Recreation Area, Qingshui Geothermal Park, Samsung Scallion Pancake DIY.

【Exquisite one-day tour-Guishan Island whale watching】

Guishan Island whale watching tour (Hyperlink)

Depart from Yilan/Jiaoxi/Luodong/B&B/Hotel

  • Itinerary A: Whale watching + island hopping + island tour
    • Ship viewing ticket + island landing application + insurance fee + professional commentary.
    • Individual/Group/12-3 years old/under 3 years old
  • Itinerary B: Island circumnavigation + island tour + climbing to 401 Highlands
    • Ferry ticket + island landing application + insurance fee + professional commentary
    • Individual / Group / 12-3 years old / Under 3 years old
  • Itinerary C: Whale watching + island hopping
    • Ferry ticket + insurance fee + professional commentary
    • Individual/Group/12-3 years old/under 3 years old
  • Itinerary D: island circling + island tour
    • Ferry ticket + island landing application + insurance fee + professional commentary
    • Individual/Group/12-3 years old/under 3 years old

【Toucheng Chartered Car Attractions】

Toucheng chartered attractions: Lanyang Museum, Guishan Island, Brown Coffee Castle, Toucheng Old Street, Waiao Beach, Toucheng Forest Park

【Jiaoxi Chartered Car Attractions】

Jiaoxi attractions: Linmei Shipan Trail, Longtan Lake, Wufengqi Waterfall, Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, Kongyu Farm

【Yilan Chartered Car Attractions】

Yilan city Attractions: Jimmy Park, Meijin Brick Kiln, Yilan Winery, Jinche Gemalan Winery, Beihou Temple, Wanglongpi

【Luodong Wujie Chartered Car Attractions】

Luodong/Wujie: Luodong Forestry Cultural Park, Luodong Zhongxing Cultural and Creative Park, Traditional Art Center, Khatifah Manor

【Nanfang'ao/Dong'ao Chartered Car Attractions】

Nanfang'ao/Dong'ao attractions: Dongyue Yongquan, Fenniaolin Fishing Port, Southern Observation Deck, Wuweigang Wetland., Crazy Dream Art Park

【Dongshan Chartered Car Attractions】

Dongshan Attractions: Xinliao Waterfall, Sanqi Inajian Beautiful Trail, Dongshan River Ecological Green Boat, Renshan Miaopu, Ecological Green Boat Taiwan version of Giethoorn (the old channel of Dongshan River), Iglu Fairy Tale Forest

【Sanlieping Nongtang Education Park, Jiaoxi Township】

Sanlayerping Nongtang Education Park: Sanlayerping is located at the junction of Erjie Community, Jiaoxi Township, and Yuanshan Township, Zhenshan Community, Yilan County. The river terraces formed by stream erosion and accumulation in this area have obvious three-layer terraces, so it is named "Three-layer Ping" reservation for admission: Individual tourist consultation hotline: 0921592158

  • Not yet open for admission in 2013, waiting for government announcement
  • Time: 09:00-17:00 (closed from Tuesday to Wednesday)
  • A maximum of 560 people can enter every day, a maximum of 140 people can enter each session, and the stay time is 1 hour.
  • All means of transportation are required to enter. Vehicles are asked to park at the multi-functional leisure square on the right bank of Jiaoxi.

【Yilan Chartered Car Family Tour Attractions】

Suao/Wujie Family Tour: Crayon Castle, Taxi Museum, Traditional Art Center, Xihe Aquatic Products Tourist Factory, Golden Agent 007KINGSPY, Qiubizhun Shooting Museum

【Yilan Chartered Car Family Tour Attractions】

Datong/Samsung/Dongshan parent-child tour: Qingshui Geothermal Park, Zhang Mei Grandma Farm, Farmer Experience Farm Onions, Bambi Hills, Meihua Lake, Angel Star Dream Resort

【Yilan Jiaoxi Chartered Car Family Tour Attractions】

Jiaoxi parent-child tour: Jinche Biotechnology Aquaculture R&D Center, Bird Garden, Homing., Qingqingyuduo, Sambar Restaurant.

【Wuling Farm Chartered Car】

Wuling Farm Chartered Car (hyperlink)

Plum blossoms in mid-January, cherry blossoms in mid-February, marigolds in late November, bald cypress/red maple snow-capped mountains in mid-December, Taoshan Waterfall, Wuling is beautiful all year round.

【Fu Shoushan Farm Chartered Car】

Fu Shoushan Farm Chartered Car (hyperlink)

Taiwan 7 Jianan Mountain Tribe Garden, Siyuan Pass, Lishan Mountain, Fushou Mountain, and Tianchi.

【Jiufen Shifen Chartered Car】

Jiufen Old Street, Golden Waterfall, Nanya Rocks, Yin and Yang Sea, Shifen Old Street with sky lanterns, Shifen Waterfall

【Keelung Chartered Car】

Keelung Chartered Car (hyperlink)

Zhengbin Fishing Port, Heping Island Park, Elephant Trunk Rock, Rail Bike, Wangyou Valley, Bitou Trail

【Yilan Hualien Taroko chartered car】

Taroko chartered car (hyperlink)

TCC Daka Park, Qingshui Duanya, Shakadeng Trail, Yanzikou, Tianxiang, Jiuqu Cave, Shanyue Suspension Bridge, Changchun Temple, and the archway of the Central Crossing Highway.

【Taoyuan Airport to Yilan chartered tour/transfer】

24-hour service for you - Taoyuan Airport to Yilan chartered tour/transfer

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Charter car unsubscription

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